‘You Betrayed Us’: Hundreds Of Afghans Protest Against US Prez Biden Outside White House

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Biden asks "Afghanistan to fight for themselves".

United States President Joe Biden is facing severe backlash since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on Sunday. 

Discontent among Afghanistan’s diaspora in the USA has risen and hundreds were seen protesting outside the White House on 15 August. The Afghan nationals gathered outside the White House and raised slogans against Biden. 

Afghans protest against Biden outside White House 

Afghans, protesting outside the White House with placards and Afghanistan’s flag, raised slogans against the US President. The protest was also attended by children who were seen holding their country’s flag while raising slogans. The slogans indicated that the USA’s Afghan diaspora held Joe Biden and his administration responsible for the situation in Afghanistan. 

“Biden you betrayed us, Biden you are responsible,” chanted Afghan nationals outside the White House

“Long live Afghanistan, Death to Taliban and We don’t deserve this,” were some of the other slogans raised by the Afghans. 

Former Afghan journalist Hamdarf Gafoori, who was present among the protestors, asserted that the current situation has taken them back to the 2000s when the Taliban was in power. He asserted that if the insurgent group takes over the country, it will lead to ‘thousands of Osama Bin Ladens and Mullah Omars’. Gafoori also claimed that the Taliban will ally with Pakistan to wreak havoc in central Asia. Another protestor, who broke down while narrating her ordeal, expressed concerns over the freedom and safety of women in a Taliban ruled country.

After 20 years, we are back in the 2000s. We want peace… If the Taliban takes over, there will be thousands of other Osama Bin Ladens, thousands of Mullah Omars… & they will unite with Pakistan, and go all over Central Asia: Hamdarf Gafoori, former Afghan journalist

The Taliban are killing our people, women will not have any freedom there and there is no one to look after the people: Farzana Hafiz, one of the protesters broke down while narrating the ordeal of Aghanistan people after the country fell to the Taliban 

Donald Trump lashes out at Biden

On Sunday, as Afghanistan fell to Talibani terrorists, former US President Donald Trump lashed out at President Biden, blaming him for the catastrophic situation. Trump’s response came on 13 August, when the Taliban was on the verge of capturing Kabul. Putting forth his views about the situation on his blog, Trump remarked

“Tragic mess in Afghanistan, a completely open and broken Border, Crime at record levels, oil prices through the roof, inflation rising, and taken advantage of by the entire world—DO YOU MISS ME YET?

Had our 2020 Presidential Election not been rigged, and if I were now President, the world would find that our withdrawal from Afghanistan would be a conditions-based withdrawal. I personally had discussions with top Taliban leaders whereby they understood what they are doing now would not have been acceptable.

It would have been a much different and much more successful withdrawal, and the Taliban understood that better than anyone. What is going on now is not acceptable. It should have been done much better.”  

Afghan govt surrenders to Taliban

After days of fighting and capturing major cities in Afghanistan, the Taliban finally reached the gates of Kabul on Sunday, forcing the Afghanistan government’s surrender. In addition, Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani, Vice-President Amrullah Saleh and a few other top government officials fled Kabul. Following this, former president Hamid Karzai along with Afghan High Council for National Reconciliation Chairman Abdullah Abdullah and former Mujahideen leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar formed a Coordination Council to manage a peaceful transfer of power. The Taliban is expected to soon announce the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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