Women fight Taliban’s hijab mandate by posting pictures of colourful Afghan dresses on social media

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What a person chooses — or not — to wear, is entirely their choice. And anything else, which even remotely reeks of imposition, is understood to operate from a place of patriarchy. In many cultures, people — men and women — are expected to cover up and dress modestly. But the events in Afghanistan have led to a global discourse on the state of women there, and whether or not they are being stripped of their choices.

Ever since the Taliban-takeover of the country, Afghans living around the world have spoken out against them. Women, especially, have been protesting the Taliban’s new hijab mandate in schools. On social media, they have been posting photos of themselves wearing colourful traditional dresses which are not hijab, in an effort to tell the world more about the glorious Afghan culture.

CNN report states that in recent days, Taliban has made it mandatory for a gender-based segregation inside classrooms. The group has said female students, lecturers and employees who continue to receive and impart education, must wear hijabs in accordance with the group’s interpretation of Sharia law.

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