Will Joe Biden Call Imran Khan?What The White House Said

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A senior White House official has said that she cannot “predict” when US President Joe Biden would make a call to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan though there has been highlevel engagements between the two countries.  Imran Khan during recent interviews to the American media has complained that a “busy” President Biden has not bothered to speak to him though Washington was seeking Pakistan’s support in stabilising Afghanistan. 

Replying to a question during the daily briefing on Monday on whether there could be a call from Biden to Khan at some point soon, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “I don’t have anything to predict at this point in time.Of course if they make a call we will read it to everyone. ” The media noted during the briefing that Imran Khan took the stage at the UN stage during President Biden’s meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday and delivered some“ scathing criticism the actions of the United States in Afghanistan and deplored the lack of direct engagement between him and President Biden. ”

In response, Ms. Psaki said that the United States had very high levels of contact with Pakistani leaders from the State Department, the Department of Defense and other key components of the Biden government.  “The President did not speak to all foreign leaders at this point; that’s absolutely true. But of course you have a team, a team of experts, that’s exactly what they do, “she said, but I wouldn’t read too much in a guide.”

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