White House Defends Joe Biden’s Indian Media “Better Behaved” Than US Press Remark.

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US Ties knots with India over cultural diversity and democratic values.

The White House has tried to pacify an upset American media over Joe Biden’s off the cuff remarks that the Indian media is “better behaved” than their US counterparts, with a senior official saying the President’s comments were not meant as a “hard cut” on them. 

US President Joe Biden during his first inperson bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House on Friday praised the Indian media, calling it “better behaved” than the US media, criticising American reporters for asking questions that are not “on point” in front of a foreign head of government/state.  White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday faced a number of questions on Joe Biden’s comments from American journalists but defended the President’s remarks. 

“I think what he said is that they’re not always “on point.” Now, I know that isn’t something that anyone wants to hear here.But what I think he was conveying is, you know, today, he might want to talk about COVID vaccines; some of the questions were about that.He might want to talk about and some of the questions are not always about the topic he’s talking about that day,” Ms Psaki said.  “I don’t think it was meant to be a hard cut at the members of the media people he has taken questions from today and on Friday as well,” she said.  At the White House briefing, another reporter objected to the comparison between Indian and the American media. 

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