Vivek Rao Patil: An Inside Cover Story!

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Vivekrao Patil was elected MLC with the highest lead in the history of karnataka. He won as an independent candidate.

Aftermaths and Injustice Proposed after Winning As Independent Leader.

After that he supported congress party for the whole term as an associate member. He voted for all resolutions in the State assembly and council in favor of the congress party .

Journey : Injustice To Joining BJP.

Congress Party favoured and promised a seat to Vivek Rao Patil. However, this never happened. A sense of Injustice invoked within him and he joined BJP. A leading party in India.

The malafide intention and fraudulent behaviour of the Congress party led Vivek rao Patil to join BJP.

BJP in Karnataka State.

Naleen Kumar Kateel is a Member of Parliament and BJP state president for karnataka state.

Ramesh Jarkiholi is a BJP MLA from karnataka
However, On 28th of November Vivek Rao Patil was welcomed to BJP by Nalin Kumar Kateel and Ramesh Jarkiholi in New Delhi.

His (Vivek Rao Patil) joining ceremony was at the Parliament House in Delhi.

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