US Plane Sets New Record After Evacuating 823 Afghan Refugees In A Single Flight

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US sets free 823 afghani refugees.

In a desperate attempt to leave the country, more than 800 Afghan refugees had gathered under one roof on a single US military plane. The people had reached the plane by passing through half-open ramps leaving behind their homeland after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. In a recent development, it has come to light that the US plane was actually carrying 823 Afghan civilians. According to a detailed statement issued by the Air Mobility Command on Friday, the C-17 that left for Qatar on August 15 had an initial count of 649 passengers only. However, the Air Force officials confirmed that there were even more people on board and while counting, the Army left out 183 children who were sitting on people’s laps. The official statement read that the correct number of passengers who boarded the flight was 823. Earlier, it was recorded that the total number of passengers was only 649. It must be noted that 823 passengers on a single US plane is a new record established by the US Army for carrying the highest number of passengers in a Boeing plane.

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