Ukraine war: World countenances ‘dull hour’, Biden tells Quad summit

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The conflict has now turned into a “worldwide issue” highlighting the significance of shielding global request, he said.
Japanese PM Fumio Kishida repeated his remarks, saying that a comparative attack shouldn’t occur in Asia.
Mr Biden was meeting the heads of Japan, Australia and India in Tokyo in his most memorable visit to Asia as president.

Mr Biden’s remarks came a day after he cautioned China that it was “playing with risk” over Taiwan, and promised to safeguard Taiwan militarily on the off chance that China went after, seeming to go against a well established US strategy on the issue.
It was subsequently revealed that Russian and Chinese warplanes had moved toward Japanese airspace as a feature of a joint military watch, provoking Tokyo to report it had mixed jets accordingly.
Russian authorities said the trip over the Sea of Japan and East China Sea was essential for a yearly military activity.
Mr Kishida advised a news meeting that arranging the activity to harmonize with the present highest point was “provocative”.

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