Ukraine news – live: Russia cautions ‘little ground for idealism’ as West anticipates Putin reaction to US proposition

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The Kremlin has said that the US reaction to Russia’s requests it says will further develop security in Europe have left “little ground for idealism” in settling strains over Russia’s expected intrusion of Ukraine.

Moscow representative, Dmitry Peskov, but added that “there forever are possibilities for proceeding with a discourse, it’s in light of a legitimate concern for both us and the Americans.”

Peskov said the Russian response would come soon.

Unfamiliar Minister Sergey Lavrov said the US declaration could prompt “the beginning of a genuine chat on optional issues,” however stressed that “the record contains no sure reaction on the fundamental issue.”

Kremlin authorities will offer proposition to Putin, Lavrov finished up.

The episode comes all at once the strains among Russia and Ukraine are stewing in front of what the West says is a push for an expected takeover of more pieces of Ukraine.

Russia has conveyed huge number of its soldiers along the line with Ukraine, even as president Vladimir Putin and his organization have underlined that they have no such plans of takeover.

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