Ukraine emergency: Russian assault would be ‘awful’, US cautions.

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Top US General Mark Milley has said that a Russian attack of Ukraine would be “terrible” and would prompt a critical number of setbacks.
Gen Milley depicted the development of 100,000 Russian soldiers close to Ukraine’s boundary as the biggest since the Cold War.
However, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said struggle could in any case be stayed away from using strategy.
Russia denies intends to attack and says US support for Ukraine is a danger.

At a news meeting at the Pentagon on Friday, Gen Milley – US President Joe Biden’s most senior military official – cautioned that the size of Russia’s powers close to its boundary with Ukraine implied an assault would have extreme results.
“Assuming that was released on Ukraine, it would be huge, extremely critical, and it would bring about a lot of setbacks,” said the executive of the joint heads of staff.
Battling in thick metropolitan regions would be “awful, it would be horrible”, Gen Milley added.

Not unavoidable’
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the US was focused on assisting Ukraine with protecting itself, including by giving more weaponry.
“Struggle isn’t inescapable. There is still reality for strategy,” Mr Austin said, approaching Russian President Vladimir Putin to de-heighten what is happening.
“There is not a great explanation that the present circumstance needs to revert into struggle… He can arrange his soldiers away,” he added.
Additionally on Friday, President Biden said he would send few soldiers to Eastern Europe in the “close to term”, to reinforce the Nato presence in the district. He didn’t indicate where they would be positioned or when they would show up.
Recently, the Pentagon said there were 8,500 battle prepared soldiers on alarm, fit to be sent at short notification.

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