Tom Brady’s Donald Trump joke had only one reason, says Skip Bayless

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Tom Brady's Joke About Donald Trump Was Intended For 1 Reason, Says Skip Bayless

Fox Sports commentator Skip Bayless believes he knows why Tom Brady poked fun at his longtime golf partner, former President Donald Trump while visiting the Biden White House this week.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback broke a gag related to Trump’s election lies while celebrating his team’s Super Bowl title with President Joe Biden. “It didn’t look very good at one point,” said Brady of a difficult time the team experienced at the beginning of the season. “Not many people think we could have won. In fact, I think 40% of people still don’t believe we won. ” Bayless suggested Brady tried to build bridges with the former one-tenure president and two-time defendant after campaigning with him for his golf association and this time before the 2016 election when the athlete donned one of the MAGA hats from the Trump campaign on their locker. “I think Tom Brady was irritated to the point, even obsessed with the fact that he was associated with Donald Trump after he took office,” Bayless said on Thursday in the “Undisputed” episode. “I think you enjoyed playing golf with Donald Trump? Yes,” Bayless continued. But Brady was likely naive about the hat trick, he said. Brady “lived to regret it because he was then politically associated with Donald Trump and Donald Trump became a political figure Tom Brady wanted nothing to do with,” said Bayless. “I think he took this opportunity at the Biden White House to get a shot that I think will burn any bridge with Donald Trump,” added the sports host. “I don’t think Mr. Trump will like that.

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