Tidal waves reveal the mysterious interior of the red planet.

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The Cracks seen on Mars, earlier.

When NASA’s InSight lander landed on Mars in 2018, the mission team hoped the stationary spacecraft could perform a check-up inside the red planet. Now InSight and its instruments have surpassed those goals and revealed the secrets of the red planet. The crust, mantle and core of Mars that scientists have so far eluded. It is the first time that we can look inward and map the interior of another planet beyond Earth. The InSight mission team was able to accomplish this extraordinary feat by tracking marsquakes on the red planet like the earthquakes we experience on earth. just a little different. InSight’s seismometer, called Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure, detected 733 different Martian quakes, the researchers analyzed 35 of them, which reached magnitudes between 3.0 and 4.0, to determine the thickness of the Martian crust, the depth of the planet’s mantle and much more It is important that the core of the frozen desert planet has melted. The results were divided into three studies, all of which were published in Science on Thursday.

Before InSight traveled to Mars, all previous robotic explorations of the Red Planet involved examining its surface. “When we began creating the mission statement more than a decade ago, the information in these documents was what we hoped for in the end,” said Bruce Banerdt, lead researcher for InSight at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. California, in a statement. “This is the culmination of all the work and concern of the past decade.” Getting to Know Mars Through Its Earthquakes Unlike the Rovers Curiosity and Perseverance, InSight is limited to where it landed and cannot roam the surface in search of intrigue, but the lander’s incredibly sensitive seismometer can earthquakes Hundreds and thousands of kilometers recognize a way. You don’t need mobility to study Mars. When we experience earthquakes, it is because the tectonic plates of the earth shift, move and rub against each other. So far, the earth is the only known planet with these plates.

How do earthquakes occur on Mars?

Mars-Quake. The depiction of earthquakes on mars.

Think of the Martian crust as one huge slab. This crust is flawed and fractured as the planet continues to shrink as it cools. This puts pressure on the Martian crust, stretching it and breaking it. . When seismic waves from earthquakes traveled through various materials inside Mars, it enabled researchers to study the internal structure of the planet.This will help them understand the mysterious interior of Mars and apply that research to learn how other rocky planets, including our own, are formed.

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