“The Abhaji foundation”: Supporting the Flooded Areas in Raibag, India.

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Volunteers happy helping the victims of Konkan Belt Flood.

After the monsoon hits the Indian Sub-Continent, there are various rivers in the south that over floods. One among them is the Krishna River. It started flooding after the rain break in the Konkan belt of Maharashtra. There is nothing that is left in the fury of the rain.

Happy Volunteers serving the people in Paramanadwadi.

People already struggling with the covid pandemic are now troubled with the rains of the Konkan Belt. It is feared that residents have been swept in the river. The NDRF personnel are struggling to shift the people to safety in the Kallol Village.

The crops are underwater in the various district of Yamgarni, Kagal, and Sankeshwar, Belagavi. People are in absence of food and fresh water.

At this time, the volunteers of the Abhaji Foundation could not stop themselves from helping their brothers and sisters. Under the guidance of their president Shri Pranay Vivek Patil, the foundation stands firm for people.

Abhaji Foundation keeping aside the mainstream religious issue and helping the people of Siddapur

The Abhaji Foundation Motto:

 “Awareness and justice via Media for All ” initiative. It is an awareness and social service initiative for helping various social causes. We strictly work without Political inclinations, Religious biases, or caste differences. We hope to maintain a democratic, secular, and a NON-Political atmosphere in our lives while we help the Valiant, needy and poor. All Volunteers are welcome regardless of their political or religious beliefs. We hope to celebrate the spirit of India via various homages, services, deeds, and ceremonies to honor great freedom fighters and revolutionaries.

True, to their motto they stand firm amidst the situation. On 3rd August the volunteers of Abhaji Foundation distributed food items to the flood victims of the village in Khelmapur.

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