Taliban spokesperson divulges how he fooled US-Afghan forces by saying Was right under their nose in Kabul.

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Zabiullah Mujahid Taliban's spokesperson.

When Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid addressed a press conference in person after the Taliban captured Afghanistan, many media personalities expressed disbelief as they used to think that Zabiullah is a made-up name and not a real person. The same perception helped Zabiuallah stay right under the nose of the US and the Afghan forces in Kabul for years.

It is his secret recce that might have given an edge to the Taliban against the Afghanistan army, the Taliban leader has proudly admitted in an exclusive interview with The Express Tribune.

“I lived in Kabul for a long time, right under everyone’s noses. I roamed the width and breadth of the country. I also managed to have first-hand access to the frontlines, where the Taliban carried out their actions, and up to date information. It was quite puzzling for our adversaries,” Mujahid told.

Mujahid told that he escaped so many times from the US and Afghan national forces that they started believing that Zabuillah Mujahid is just a ghost, a made-up character, and not a real person.

The 43-year-old Taliban leader said he never left Afghanistan. He had travelled to many places to attend seminaries, even to Pakistan, but never thought of leaving the country forever.

The US forces used to pay local people a good amount of money to know about his whereabouts but he somehow managed to escape their radar, the spokesperson added.

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