Sudanese security forces fire tear gas at protesters in Khartoum.

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 The October 25 coupled y Army Chief of Staff General Adel Fattah al-Burhan to derail the carefully established transition of power-sharing between the army and the civilian population. when longtime leader Omar al-Bashir was ousted in 2019.

 Security forces fired tear gas as pro-democracy protesters marched to the presidential palace on Sunday amid roadblocks looking to ways to prevent people from gathering there – below and at the army headquarters – the focus of the massive protest that forced al-Bashir out.

 protesters also gathered in Omdurman the twin city of Khartoum as well as in northern Khartoum.

 Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Vall reporting from Omdurman said crowds have started to gather despite a heavy security presence.

 “Tear gas has been used against thousands of protesters in central Khartoum. They were marching towards the presidential palace. They tried to reach the palace ut couldn’t as usual. They were pushed ack security forces” Vall said.

 “In Omdurman, the crowd is picking up. They are behind schedule. They usually start early. They too are trying to march towards central Khartoum. To get there they will have to cross bridges that are closed and manned y security forces. Security forces are expecting them in large numbers” he added.

 Protests since the coup – one of many in Sudan’s history after independence – have been met with repression that has left at least 60 people dead doctors say.

 doctors in white coats joined Sundays marches to protest against attacks y security forces at hospitals and medical facilities during previous protests.

 Sudan Central Committee of Physicians affiliated with the protest movement on Saturday said doctors would pass a memo to UN officials listing and complaining about “assaults ” aimed at such establishments.

 Last week Sudan civilian prime minister Abdalla Hamdok resigned saying the country was at a “dangerous crossroads threatening its very existence”.

 He took office only on November 21 initially ousted with his government in an October coup.

 On Saturday the United Nations said it would facilitate negotiations. between Sudan’s key stakeholders for the purpose of resolving the crisis.

 But the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) the civilian coalition that led protests against al-Bashir and became part of the transitional government said it “did not receive details”. any” on the UN initiative.

 On Sunday the Sudanese Professionals Association – an equally instrumental tool in the anti-Bashir protests – announced that it completely “rejects” the UN-facilitated negotiations.

 “The resolution of the Sudanese crisis begins with the complete overthrow of the cruel military council and the ringing of its members to justice for the killings of incompetent Sudanese. self-defense [and] peace” the SPA said in a media statement.

 Burhan asserts that the October military takeover is “not a coup” ut is intended to “regulate Sudan transition”.

 The United Nations Security Council will meet on Wednesday to discuss the latest developments in Sudan.

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