Sisodia writes to LG Saxena after CBI summons

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Sisodia writes to LG

Sisodia cited a number of rape and murder cases that occurred in Delhi over the previous month as evidence that crime has been on the rise in the national capital. Manish Sisodia, the deputy chief minister of Delhi, wrote to Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena on Sunday, hours after the CBI had questioned him in relation to the alcohol policy. He was pleading for the governor’s attention to the growing crime rate in the nation’s capital. Sisodia, who is in charge of maintaining law and order in Delhi, stated, “It feels like Delhi has suddenly become the capital of crime.”

In a letter to the governor, who approved the CBI inquiry into the capital’s liquor policy, Sisodia stated, “I wish to bring your attention towards the worsening peace and order in Delhi.”

Sisodia cited the murder of a young man in the Baljeet Nagar neighbourhood of Delhi, noting that the perpetrators left the scene and that police had simply promised the victim’s family that they would act promptly.

Delhi deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia

What must his family be going through right now? Sisodia remarked as he continued to enumerate additional crimes from the previous month, “It hurts my heart the way the killings have been growing this month in Delhi, one after the other.

“Criminals are not intimidated by the law. You are charged by the Constitution with maintaining Delhi’s law and order. You receive direct reports from the Delhi Police. I kindly ask that you pay attention to this as well,” the deputy CM stated.

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