Robert Vadra apologises for breaking the travel regulations

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Rraobert vadra

In his request for authorization to travel, Robert Vadra claimed that he accidentally typed “through Dubai” in place of “to Dubai.” A money laundering case brought by the ED has Vadra out on bail at the moment. On Wednesday, a Delhi court deferred making a decision until tomorrow on the Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) request to lose a fixed deposit and file a lawsuit against businessman Robert Vadra for breaking the court’s rules regarding international travel.

In spite of the ED saying that action should be taken against him, Vadra, the husband of Congresswoman Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, apologised wholeheartedly in front of the court. In an affidavit, Vadra admitted that he had accidentally written “through Dubai” in his request for authorization to travel rather than “to Dubai.” A money laundering case brought by the ED has Vadra out on bail at the moment.

Robert Vadra

Vadra had already come under fire from a Delhi court for allegedly breaking the rules that had been placed on him last month, even though the court had permitted him to travel to the United Kingdom via the United Arab Emirates.

Vadra was given permission by a municipal court on August 12 to travel for four weeks to the UK via the UAE, Spain, and Italy.

In a ruling issued on Monday, special judge Neelofar Abida Parveen took issue with Vadra’s justification for staying in Dubai due to a medical emergency while he was visiting the UK and stated that she could not accept his claim that he was coerced or compelled due to his health.

The court sent Vadra a show-cause notice and requested an explanation as to why his fixed deposit receipt (FDR), which was deposited in accordance with the decision dated August 12, should not be forfeited for breaking the rules of the permit that Vadra had been given.

The court further said that a copy of the travel tickets indicated that Vadra was supposed to stay from August 25 to 29 in Dubai then he was about to travel to London on August 29.

For the simple reason that the itinerary filed on August 22 and a copy of the travel tickets indicate that Vadra all along intended to stay from August 25–29 at Dubai then travel to London on August 28, the court stated in its order: “I am unable to accept the assertion on sole affirmation of applicant contained in para 5 of the affidavit that the applicant was forced/compelled under the circumstances on account of medical exigencies to stay at UAE while travelling via UAE to UK.”

Vadra said in an affidavit he submitted after his return that he waited in the UAE before continuing his travel because he had deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in his left leg and had been instructed to rest appropriately in between long-haul flights.

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