Pope Francis And Apple CEO Tim Cook meet in the Vatican.

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The details of the private conversation between Pope Francis and Tim Cook, the CEO of the $2.4 trillion electronics behemoth Apple, were not made public by the Vatican. Pope Francis has frequently urged people to use their cell phones less. According to a BBC article from 2019, he asked people to put their phones down at the dinner table and start conversing. He has often urged people not to get dependent on their mobile devices.

The 85-year-old Pope met Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, the multinational technological company that creates iPhones, on Monday. According to Reuters, the Vatican declined to comment on what was said during the private conversation between the Pope and the CEO of the $2.4 trillion digital giant.

Cook had a 15-minute encounter with the Pope in 2016 in the Vatican. According to CNN, the meeting took place one week after the Pope met Eric Schmidt, a top official at Google’s parent company Alphabet.

Pope Francis meets with Apple chief Tim Cook during a private audience at the Vatican

Pope Francis has a complicated relationship with smartphones, despite the fact that he patiently permits people to snap photos with him. When an assistant offered him a cell phone last year, he accepted an urgent call from a top Vatican official, which caused him to stop his general audience.

In 2019, he urged youngsters to “escape from the addiction to mobile phones.” “You lose your independence when you turn into a slave to your phone.”

He had also said, “We need to return and contact our family.”

He has already expressed his sadness about individuals using their cellphones at the dinner table or during Mass.

He had reprimanded Catholics for using their phones during Mass in 2017. According to Pope Francis, the priest instructs the congregation to elevate their hearts throughout mass. The New York Times had cited the Pope as saying, “He does not say, Lift up your cell phones to snap photographs.”

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