On Muslims contributions says Sharad Pawar.

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Sharad Pawar.

NCP leader Sharad Pawar was speaking at a Vidarbha Muslim Intellectuals Forum event in Nagpur titled “Issues Before Indian Muslims.” Sharad Pawar, the leader of the nationalist Congress party (NCP), demanded on Saturday that the Muslim minority be given its “fair share,” arguing that they had significantly contributed to society in all areas. In his speech at an event called “Issues Before Indian Muslims,” Pawar advocated for Urdu while also highlighting the value of the “main language” of each state.

“Muslims feel they are not receiving their fair share of benefits while making up a sizable portion of the population, which is exactly the case. Discussions about how to ensure they receive their fair share must be held “He added, according to a PTI report.

In Nagpur, the Vidarbha Muslim Intellectuals Forum hosted the event.

The NCP supremo expressed his opinion on the subject of the high rate of unemployment among Muslims, noting that it was a problem for all communities in the nation but adding that minority’ complaints were sincere and should be investigated.

Sharad Pawar.

He asserted that the Muslim community can contribute hugely in the fields of art, poetry and writing through Urdu, adding that its members have “quality and capacity” but need “support and equal opportunity”, reported PTI.

Pawar said that one cannot disregard the Muslim community’s significant role in elevating the Hindi cinema industry to its current status. ANI, a news agency, reported.

The former chief minister of Maharashtra remarked, “Today, in all the domains, whether it is art, whether it is literature, whether it is poetry, the largest contribution has come from the Minorities and has come in the Urdu language.”

We have Bollywood in front of us, which has made the most contributions to elevating it to the top; the Muslim minorities have made the biggest contributions, and we cannot dismiss their contribution, he continued.

Pawar said Kerala has a large proportion of minorities and one needs to study how minorities in that state, which has the highest literacy rate, are giving support to the main language and what benefits are being derived from this.

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