Jill Biden’s ‘United’ Message To U.S. Olympians: We Are More Than Our Political Parties

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Absolutely stunning photo from Tokyo Olympics 2021

“We are all, first and foremost, Team USA,” the first lady said ahead of the Tokyo opening ceremony.

First lady Jill Biden despatched a proud message of help for U.S. athletes competing withinside the Tokyo Olympics in advance of Friday’s establishing ceremony. In an open letter posted with the aid of using NBC News, Biden wrote that “your whole state is cheering you on — and we’re so thankful for what you’ve given us.”

“In these moments, we are more than our cities or states or backgrounds. We are more than our jobs or our political parties. We are united. We are all, first and foremost, Team USA,” she added. Biden stated the athletes “deliver us collectively in a manner that little else can.”

“You remind us that with dedication, tough work, braveness and teamwork, outstanding matters are possible,” she continued. “What a present you give. What an honor it’s miles to look at you soar.”

Jill Biden ‘GO TEAM USA ‘

“So, thanks to your tough work. Thank you for the tears and sweat that you’ve given to be right here today. Thank you for representing our state to the world,” stated Biden. “Go Team USA!”

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