Kim Jong Un’s launches show push to boost nuke arsenal

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Kim Jong Un

North Korea’s latest sword attack after months of relative calm shows that President Kim Jong Un is working to expand his arsenal. Nuclear missiles hidden in trains that can be fired anywhere along a railway line. A new cruise missile similar to the US tomahawk, which can possibly be supplemented with nuclear warheads. The apparent resumption of fuel production for potential nuclear bombs.

This is likely an attempt to wrest concessions from Washington if lengthy diplomatic negotiations on Kim’s nuclear program are resumed. However, part of the message is aimed at the national level to strengthen internal unity, as North Koreans face greater difficulties in an economy that is never healthy. affected by the coronavirus pandemic. So here’s a look at Kim’s most recent weapons tests, the first of their kind in six months, and what they could mean in efforts to counter the North’s nuclear ambitions.

THE NEW ARMS North Korea described its first ballistic missile tests as successful, saying the two weapons launched on Wednesday hit a target 800 kilometers away in the sea. This means that all of South Korea and the US military bases there are within reach. Experts say that missiles are nuclear.S. Recognition as a nuclear state that enables you to hold onto nuclear weapons that you may see as your only guarantee of survival.

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