James Cameron’s immersive movie “Avatar: The Way of Water” has a simple plot yet is nevertheless very good.

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A large IMAX screen enhances the spectacular graphics in James Cameron’s “Avatar” sequel. However, you wish it were shorter because the conversation is awkward and the plot isn’t particularly interesting.
What comes to mind while watching James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water is the story of stories, aside from the gorgeous cinematography (blue-green is the warmest colour) and the predictable plot. While The Way of Water can not boast of the sophisticated, mind-bending storytelling of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman (perish the thought), it does serve to highlight the vortex of tales that bubble up from our collective subconscious as myths, legends, books, plays, comic books, and movies.

Even if it isn’t a particularly novel idea, it nonetheless occurs to one when watching Stephen Lang’s portrayal of the evil Colonel Miles Quaritch contemplating his cranium. When the skull is crushed (not underfoot), one is brought back to the lengthy discussion a certain gloomy Dane had with poor Yorick, and one is also brought back to Cameron’s own Terminator series.

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