It Ain’t Easy: Fiona McMann On Being A Publisher In New York City

Ins & Outs Of A Piblishers Life In NYC

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MANHATTAN: We spoke to Fiona McMann of Manhattan’s Honest Foundation and publisher of Manhattan’s number one weekly magazine,the Honest weekly.

Fiona is a fierce democrat and vehemently against the Republican regime. She has fought for LGBTQA+ rights since her early teens. One aspect of her life that she says she is truly proud of is her survival despite numerous attacks on her . She tells us that each one only made her stronger.

We asked her if it’s really that easy to be a publisher in New York City because she makes it feel like a walk in the park.

Well, it isn’t easy but it isn’t hard either. Lucky for me I had our board President as a guide

Replied Ms McMann

Then we went on to ask Fiona the question everybody is asking. We were curious as to how she navigated her way through to being known as one of NYC’s top weekly publishers.

You see Riley there’s never a substitute for hard work but hard work alone isn’t ever cut it for nobody. I was lucky to have my friends from the LGBTQA+ community who gave me contacts of whom to approach and where to meet them. Like there was this lady whom I met at a golf course for an article. She was playing golf with her girlfriend and after hearing me out she just couldn’t refuse me. By the way they were the sweetest couple I ever met.

Fiona replied to Riley Thomas of The Honest Herald

Further on

I told them all about Manhattan’s honest Foundation and our fly president pranay patil raibag. Showed some pictures, samples and publications. Gave them our circulation stats and they were blown.

added Fiona McMann of Manhattan

McMann also spoke to us about how the British Royal family had been super supportive to all of honest foundation’s causes.

Royal Foundation has been supportive towards all our causes, especially Kate

said Fiona

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