Israeli pilgrim, police brutality before Sheik Jarrah ejection

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nhabitants of the Palestinian neighborhood of Sheik Jarrah in involved East Jerusalem say the strengthened Israeli police and pilgrim presence in the space come to lay the preparation for a Palestinian family’s unavoidable constrained dislodging one month from now.

For the fourth day straight, Israeli police have closed off and set up designated spots on all sides of the western area of Sheik Jarrah – where the undermined Salem family home untruths – intensely confining way out and passage.

Matters raised on Sunday, when Israeli extreme right legislator Itamar Ben-Gvir, known for his provocative activities against Palestinians, set up a stopgap office close to the Salem home.

Ben-Gvir guaranteed he set up his office in light of an asserted firebombing of a pilgrim’s home in the local last week. Israeli powers captured two Palestinian men in their 20s, asserting them as suspects, while local people said it was a short out that caused it.

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