Indonesia Volcano Erupts again, rescue operation suspended until now.

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Indonesia volcano erupts again, rescue operations suspended

Indonesia’s Mount Semeru has spewed further ash, forcing saviors to suspend the hunt for survivors as upstanding images showed the extent of the desolation unleashed by the flash point’s deadly weekend eruption.

The biggest mountain on the islet of Java thundered to life on Saturday, ejecting a mushroom of stormy ash high into the sky and raining hot slush as thousands of panicked people fled their homes.
At least 14 people are reported to have been killed so far.

Upstanding prints showed entire thoroughfares filled with slate stormy ash and slush, which had swallowed numerous homes and vehicles, including whole exchanges.
Deliverance operations were suspended because of fresh stormy exertion on Monday.

“ All evacuation brigades have been pulled out … temporarily because there was a small fresh eruption and it could jeopardize the evacuation brigades,” said deliverance worker Rizal Purnama.

“ The hunt will continue moment once the situation is a bit safer.”

Dozens of people remain missing, he added.

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