In Diriyah – The City Of Earth, The Langham will debut in the centre of the Luxury Enclave.

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The Langham, Diriyah, which opens in 2026, combines contemporary elegance with Saudi tradition.

Saudi Arabia: The Langham in Diriyah, which is 15 minutes from the centre of Riyadh, has signed a new management agreement with the Diriyah Gate Development Authority as part of Langham Hospitality Group’s ongoing strategic global expansion (DGDA).

Opening in 2026, The Langham, Diriyah will be a crucial component of the development meant to safeguard, maintain, and honour Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural legacy. According to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, Diriyah, the location of the Kingdom’s founding, wants to become the largest cultural tourist attraction in the world. The Langham will transform into a contemporary homage to the past, highlighting ancient Nadji architecture and maintaining Diriyah’s natural components. Diriyah, Riyadh, and the neighbouring pedestrian-centric city will all be included.

According to Brett Butcher, chief executive officer of Langham Hospitality Group, “Langham Hospitality Group is pleased to be partnering with the Diriyah Gate Development Authority to offer The Langham to Saudi Arabia’s premier historic cultural and lifestyle destination.” “For our first venture into the Kingdom, we’re thrilled to be a part of a concept where The Langham’s proud traditions in hospitality will become fundamental to a 21st-century vision that places Riyadh on the international stage as a genuine and distinctive destination.

The Langham, Venice on the European continent and The Langham, Diriyah in the Middle East will officially open in 2026, marking a significant year in Langham Hospitality Group’s strategic growth ambitions, he continued.

Unmatched Setting

On Diriyah’s main avenue, which will house the top luxury merchants in the world, is where you’ll find The Langham, Diriyah. Guests may easily access many of the major attractions and icons that are planned for Diriyah because to the advantageous central location. The exquisite Wadi Safar with its eco-tourism opportunities is also nearby, and At-Turaif, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the most significant cultural landmark of the Kingdom, is only a five-minute drive away.

The Langham, Diriyah will captivate the senses with its 200 opulent rooms and suites as it brings its famous heritage and time-honored traditions to life in Diriyah. The tiny Langham Club Lounge is available to guests, and the entire hotel has been carefully designed to feel like an art gallery.

Modern Dining Customs

The planned luxury destination dining district of Bujairi Terrace will gain two exciting new dining options from The Langham, Diriyah, including the first Middle Eastern location of the three-star Cantonese restaurant T’ang Court.

In honour of the first afternoon tea served in a luxurious hotel when The Langham opened in London in 1865, the hotel’s famous afternoon tea will also be made available. As Middle Eastern tea and coffee culture is honoured alongside great patisserie and brunch dishes, new tea rituals will emerge.

The Langham, London’s cooking school, Sauce, will open its first overseas location and provide foodies with an immersive, opulent experience.

Chuan Spa First Day

After a day of touring Diriyah’s historical sites and vibrant souks, guests may unwind at The Langham Chuan Spa, a comprehensive wellness concept that incorporates TCM’s medicinal theories. Additionally, visitors can unwind and cool off in the pool decks for men or women. Men’s grooming will be a top priority at The Langham, Diriyah. It will provide a wide range of services.

A Universe of Joy

The most personal and exclusive social parties and weddings in the city take place in gorgeous terraces and event spaces with natural light, against the stunning backdrop of Diriyah along the main street.

The opulent north-western neighbourhood of Diriyah, popularly referred to by its residents as “Jewel of The Kingdom,” is just 25 minutes by car from King Khalid International Airport and 10 minutes from the city’s financial area.

“Diriyah, the cradle of the Kingdom, is set to become Saudi Arabia’s premier historical, cultural, and lifestyle destination,” stated Mr. Jerry Inzerillo, Group Chief Executive Officer, Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA). We are thrilled to work with Langham Hospitality Group to introduce The Langham Brand to Diriyah as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. We are excited to collaborate with the Langham group to assist our visitors experience Diriyah’s rich tradition and create lifelong memories. The Langham group boasts a rich history dating back to 1865.

Just 15 minutes northwest of the city centre of Riyadh, in the province of Riyadh, is the 300-year-old settlement of Diriyah. Since the establishment of the First Saudi State in 1727, it has served as the Kingdom’s symbolic epicentre of inspiration for successive generations of rulers. The renowned Diriyah project, which is a component of Saudi Vision 2030, will honour Saudi Arabia’s illustrious past while serving tourists and businesspeople from all over the world.

Langham Hospitality Group information

The Langham Hospitality Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Great Eagle Holdings, includes a family of distinctive hotels under the brands The Langham Hotels and Resorts, Cordis Hotels, and Ying’nFlo, and there are more than 30 projects underway in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East that are either confirmed or in an advanced stage of negotiation. The Group was founded in 1865 and is named after the storied Langham Hotel in London, which was widely regarded as Europe’s first Grand Hotel. For more than 150 years, this flagship property has stood for classy and gracious hospitality, embodying a philosophy that extends to all of its properties and features refinement in design, innovation in hospitality, sincere service, and arousal of the senses. Please visit the website at for additional details.

Regarding Diriyah

As part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, Diriyah will be developed into one of the world’s top historic tourist sites as well as the Kingdom’s premier historical, cultural, and lifestyle destination.

Within the province of Riyadh, Diriyah is about 15 minutes northwest of the city centre. Since the establishment of the First Saudi State in 1727, it has served as a symbolically significant hub of inspiration for the successive generations of rulers who have presided over the Kingdom. Diriyah is being planned and constructed with Saudi traditions and legacy in mind as the country’s new cultural and historic capital. The traditional mixed-use urban neighbourhood will be built in the ancient Najdi architectural style, which was common in Saudi communities decades ago.

The ancient city of At-Turaif is located at the centre of Diriyah’s cultural life. At-Turaif, founded in 1766, is regarded as one of the best mud-brick cities in the entire world. It was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010 and is now poised to rank among the most important historical sites in the country.

Diriyah will be enhanced by entertainment, education, learning, shopping, dining, hotel, residential, and workplace options, with cultural and lifestyle experiences at its core. When it is finished, 100,000 people will live there, along with workers, students, and visitors, and it will honour Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural heritage.

A wide range of top-notch cultural, entertainment, retail, hospitality, educational, office, and residential spaces—including 38 hotels, a varied selection of museums, a lively retail core, and more than 150 dining options—will be included in the development. The 141-room Samhan Heritage Hotel and Riyadh’s newest premium dining destination, At-Turaif, will soon be located in the current Bujairi Terrace neighbourhood. Two square kilometre area known as Wadi Hanifah, which is reachable from the escarpment walk, will offer passive and active recreational areas, as well as upscale hospitality establishments where people can relax and spend the afternoon with loved ones while taking in the stunning wadi surroundings.

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