Former ICE director says quite 12,000 Haitian migrants are released into the US because total revealed by Mayorkas doesn’t include those given the choice to report back to authorities

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Former ICE director says quite 12,000 Haitian migrants are released into the US because total revealed by Mayorkas doesn't include those given the choice to report back to authorities\

Former ICE Director Tom Homan accused Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of misleading the general public after the Biden official finally said 12,000 Haitian migrants are released into the U.S.

‘It’s far more than that and he knows that,’ Homan said.

In an interview with Fox on Monday morning, the Trump-era immigration official said Mayorkas knowingly underestimated the amount of migrants successfully crossing the southwest border.

‘When he said the 8,000 will return to Mexico, went back to Mexico, he realizes they went one or two miles down the road and came into the us because they surged numerous resources to Del Rio they left 220 miles of border unguarded,’ he said.

The Secretary of Homeland Security told Fox News on Sunday that approximately ‘10,000 approximately – 12,000’ mostly Haitian migrants had been released into the country.

‘It might be even higher,’ he added. ‘The number that are returned might be even higher. What we do is we follow the law as Congress has passed it.’

Many of the thousands who crossed the border over the last week have temporarily settled at an encampment under a bridge in Del Rio , Texas. Around 30,000 Haitians traveled to the border city within the last month, the Biden administration admitted.

Roughly 12,400 Haitian migrants are waiting to possess their cases heard by immigration judges, while 5,000 are being processed by DHS and three ,000 are in detention.

On Monday morning Homan accused Mayorkas of lying again over the 12,400 figure.

‘When you say 12,000 are in immigration proceedings, they’re not. that is what the secretary leads you to believe,’ he said.

He said many of these thousands of migrants got a ‘Notice to Report’ which suggests they might only be therein judicial pipeline if they ‘voluntarily show up and switch themselves in’ – and Homan believes they will not .

A Notice to seem is usually the primary step within the court system that results in deportation. A 10-day window is typically the wait time between being served an NTA and therefore the first court hearing date, but migrants can apply to increase the need , like if they’re in ICE custody.

However, under the Biden administration, patrol has been giving migrants a ‘Notice to Report.’ That document provides a 60-day window during which migrants need to turn themselves in to an ICE office, consistent with the middle for Immigration Studies.

Those who don’t show up within the 60-day window can then be subjected to an NTA, if ICE tracks them down.

‘It clearly says at rock bottom of the shape , ‘You aren’t in immigration proceedings. you will not be detailed, ICE isn’t getting to detain you for humanitarian reasons,’ Homan claimed.

‘So the secretary is misleading on what he told Chris Wallace.’

In his Sunday interview, Mayorkas acknowledged that a number of the thousands of migrants who had been camped out under a bridge near Del Rio , Texas, had not been tested for Covid-19.



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