‘Flashback’: Ukraine war resuscitates difficult recollections for Afghans

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While feeling for the predicament of Ukrainians, Afghans additionally question twofold norms in the worldwide reaction.
Since Russia sent off its intrusion of Ukraine last month, the world has been grasped by pictures of structures decreased to rubble, a large number of regular citizens escaping their homes looking for shelter, and demonstrations of disobedient obstruction.

For certain Afghans who have likewise survived the vicious uprooting of war, the pictures have stirred difficult recollections.
“Everything with Ukraine is a flashback for us,” Zahra Nawroz, who was six years of age and living with her family in Kabul when the Soviets attacked in December 1979, told Al Jazeera in a telephone interview.

“You see pictures of individuals abandoning everything, and it contacts your heart. I realize that even the people who come to another nation have a truly challenging way forward.”

Different Afghans take a gander at the conflict and see matches with their own later history. In any case, while they feel for Ukrainians whose lives have been overturned by the vicious impulses of an unfamiliar power, they are additionally disappointed by the enormous overflowing of worldwide fortitude and backing that was never reached out to Afghans or other non-European survivors of war.

“I’m glad that Ukrainians are getting the help they are,” Farhat Azami, a lady from Afghanistan who works with evacuees at a directing focus in Austria, told Al Jazeera. “In any case, assuming that it was truly about humankind, they would get those trying getaway savagery similarly.”

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