“Europe again as the epicenter of covid” says WHO

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WHO predicts Europe to be epicentre of covid by february.

At a press conference, WHO Director for Europe Hans Kluge said the continent could suffer half a million more deaths in February. Accused of increasing insufficient number of vaccines. “We need to change our tactics, from responding to the waves of Covid19 to preventing them from happening in the first place,” he said.

The vaccination rate has slowed across the continent in recent months. Although around 80% of people in Spain receive a double injection, the number is lower in France and Germany (68% and 66% respectively) and even lower in some Central and Eastern European countries.

In October 2021, only 32% of Russians were fully vaccinated. It has recorded 1.4 million deaths across the region. WHO technical director for Covid19, Maria Van Kerkhove, said cases in Europe had risen by more than 55% in the past four weeks despite a “rich supply of vaccines and tools”, and her colleague.

Dr. Mike Ryan said the Europe experience was a “warning shot for the world”.

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