Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict: Government says key towns retaken

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Ethiopian colors have reacquired several crucial municipalities from Tigrayan revolutionists trying to advance towards the capital, Addis Ababa, the government has said.
This included Shewa Robit, about 220 km (135 country miles) from Addis Ababa, it added.
The Tigray People’s Liberation Font (TPLF) has not yet reflected, and there’s no independent evidence of the government’s claims.
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed went to the frontal lines last week to lead the fight- reverse against the revolutionists.

State- linked Television vented footage of him on Tuesday in military jungle drudgeries, surveying the horizon with binoculars.
“The adversary is defeated. Our remaining task is to rout the adversary and destroy them,”he told dogfaces gathered under trees.
Although the TPLF has not reflected on the government claims, its leader Debretsion Gebremichael wrote to the UN last week, raising enterprises about drone strikes against civilians.
Ethiopia had entered Chinese drones, as well as munitions from Iran, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mr Gebremichael said.
There has not been any response to his claims.
China’s Foreign Minister Foreign Minister Wang Yi is presently visiting Ethiopia. He’s anticipated to meet Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen, who has taken charge of the day-to- day handling of government while Mr Abiy is on the battleground.
China had opposed foreign” poking”in Ethiopia as Mr Abiy’s government came under pressure from the US and some European countries over reports of mortal rights abuses during the civil war.
Meanwhile, the Ethiopia government has indicted Twitter of targeting accounts that are critical of the revolutionists.
Twitter has said it remains” neutral to political identity and testament”.
Last month, Twitter temporally removed its trends serve in Ethiopia, citing” the imminent trouble of physical detriment”.
Facebook removed a post from Mr Abiy, saying it violated its programs against inciting violence.
The conflict erupted a time ago in the northern Tigray region, and has since spread to other regions as the revolutionists launched an descent to reach Addis Ababa in the south and the border with Djibouti in the east.

On Wednesday, government spokesperson Legesse Tulu was quoted by state media as saying government forces were confident of regaining”in a short period of time”the major megacity of Lalibela, a Unesco point notorious for its gemstone-hewn churches, and Dessie, a strategic megacity leading to both Addis Ababa and the border with Djibouti, which is pivotal for getting inventories to landlocked Ethiopia.
This followed the prisoner of Shewa Robit, as well as several girding areas, Mr Legesse said.
Fears of the revolutionists advancing on Addis Ababa had earlier led several countries, including the US and UK, to prompt their citizens to leave Ethiopia.
Still, also the civil war is at a turning point, If the Ethiopian government is telling the verity about its palms.
Ethiopians pious to the government were getting deflated.
Tigrayan forces made it look like they were advancing on Addis Ababa and about to trip the civil government.
The high minister called for civilians to take up arms, and went to the war- front himself. Now follows a sluice of reports that Tigrayan revolutionists are being defeated on several fronts.
Still, also the high minister is on his way to palm and his heritage will be rendered immortal, If true.
Still, also he’s simply buying time, and hoping that the propaganda eventually rings true, If not.

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