Egypt dig uncovers a 2,200 year old ‘Alexander the Great’ statue

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Alexander the great -- Statue found after 2200 years .

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has discovered a statue of Alexander the good within an ancient “residential and commercial zone” in Alexandria that they believe was a trade centre during the Ptolemaic period.

After 9 months of digging, the archaeologists made their discovery.
At the location , the team discovered moulds for statues of Alexander the good , also as an alabaster bust of the legendary ancient leader.

Among these things were materials for creating warrior amulets.
As they explored the al-Shatby neighbourhood of Alexandria, “the mission discovered an outsized network of tunnel tanks painted pink for storing rain, flood, and groundwater to be used during the draught time,” said Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, to the Xinhua press agency .

Waziri went on to explain the town’s layout: “it was composed of a main street and a number of other branch roads that were all connected by a sanitation network.”

He believes the world was active between the 2nd and 4th centuries B.C.

Waziri also mentioned that the team discovered pottery pots, coins, plates, fishing tools, and rest stops for travellers.

The ruins of the area’s buildings, combined with the artefacts discovered there, have led the team to believe that the town once had a bustling market selling pots and workshops for the creation of statues, amulets, and other items.

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