Doctor Strange 2 Is Going To Be The First-Ever Horror Film In The MCU

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Doctor Strange 2 Is Going To Be The First-Ever Horror Film In The MCU

For fans of Hollywood, Sam Raimi is an instantly recognizable name. He directed the primary three Spider-Man movies, which turned the character into an icon. He created the ‘Evil Dead’ franchise, a cult success, and spun several sequels and a TV

Though the director has classically shied faraway from his horror movie origins, the old Sam Raimi is ready to form a comeback. It starts with the Netflix Original, ‘Every home is Haunted’.

However, it’s ‘Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness’ that has grabbed headlines and eyeballs. Scott Derrickson, who directed the primary Doctor Strange, came call at full support of the film. He recently told fans at comic-con that the film “dipped into the gothic and therefore the refore the horror and the horrific” and was everything he loved the comics for.
Kevin Feige has clarified that though ‘Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness’ could be the scariest Marvel movie, it’s not a horror film. He said there would be scary sequences in it, but the story would effortlessly play into the quality MCU storyline.

The Horror?
‘WandaVision’, with its creepy imagery and psychological horror, was MCU dipping its toes into unknown territory. ‘Falcon and therefore the Winter Soldier’ played around with themes of nationalism and racism, while ‘Loki’ created a ‘Doctor Who’ storyline within the Marvel universe.

With newer genres arising into the MCU, ‘Doctor Strange 2’ MCU horror film doesn’t appear to be a far cry.

‘Doctor Strange’ has classically addressed horror themes. Created within the Golden Age of comics, Doctor Strange dipped into classical monsters of the horror genre. While the Avengers were more likely to face a threat globally, Doctor Strange would often fight psychologically horrifying enemies.

Dormammu, for instance , may be a classical Jack-o-Lantern villain with a burning head and powers to control reality. Plus, with psychedelic elements of the series created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, Strange often found himself grappling with the creepiest monsters altogether of the Marvel universe. The comics would often see Strange visit hellscapes from other dimensions, defeat fantastical enemies, and explore deadly terrain.

If Sam Raimi is returning to the first comics to craft the sequel, the horror elements aren’t hard to seek out . Though the scariest Marvel movie will still be tame by the standards of Sam Raimi.

‘Doctor Strange’ deals with psychological horror, and there’s virtually no gore or blood within the pages of the Marvel comic. With the MCU also taking the family-friendly formula to its core, the gore-filled, violent Sam Raimi would need to wait to raid the R-rated horror universe.

What’s in store?
‘Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness’ can affect many storylines. Characteristically, the assembly team and therefore the director are very tight-lipped about ‘Doctor Strange 2’ MCU horror film. But, with ‘Eternals’ and ‘Marvels’ dropping in sequence, there are often a couple of educated guesses made about the film.

Feige has revealed that the Marvel shows would be essential viewing before the sequel. So, there’s a big chance that the Darkhold would play a much bigger role within the movie universe come to the sequel. With the title, there would even be the introduction of multiverses and different timelines within the MCU. ‘Loki’ also teased that there are fights that span through different timelines, making the likelihood of a villain who could wrap timelines around them and undergo dimensions. With Mordo returning for the sequel and a setup for a few dimension-hopping, the scariest Marvel movie is ready to be a hit .

‘Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness’ is ready to bring Sam Raimi back to the mainstream superhero genre. The veteran director has quite few horror tricks up his sleeve, and he could be carrying a touch of his ‘Evil Dead’ touch to the franchise. Will Benedict Cumberbatch finally face the psychological terror related to the magazine

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