COVID-19: Pfizer booster shot to start by September 20 in US, hints Anthony Fauci

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Pfizer booster shot to start by September 20 in US

The US booster campaign against Covid19 is unlikely to start with the Pfizer vaccine until September 20, said the country’s leading infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci. However, the start of Moderna’s booster shot could be delayed, according to CNBC News, citing Anthony Fauci on Sunday.

Although both drug companies filed for approval of a third dose with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) six or eight months after receiving the second dose, the agency did not officially approve them. Although pending approvals, Joe Biden’s government has announced that it will offer a third dose to patients who have received Pfizer and Moderna injections.

“Only the Pfizer Vaccine Booster can get FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approval in time for its launch in the week of September 20,” Fauci told CBS aceFace the Nation. ” ” It seems Pfizer has your data, it would probably meet the deadline, “the director of the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases told CBS. We hope Moderna can do that too, so we can do it at the same time. ”

” But if not, we’ll do it one at a time, “he continued. So the bottom line is that at least part of the plan is most likely going to work, but ultimately the whole plan will work. ” He wasn’t into mixing doses and said it was for people who received two doses of the Moderna vaccine CNN reported, “Better to wait for a third dose of Moderna” than to get one from Pfizer

There were good reasons to believe that a third dose “will actually be long lasting, and if it is long lasting you will most likely receive three-dose regimen as routine therapy,” said Fauci in a briefing. Last week. An FDA advisory body will consider Pfizer’s application for a booster vaccination on September 17th, just three days before the injections are due to begin, heat it in the report.

In the meantime, the FDA recently changed the emergency approvals for the PfizerBioNTech and Moderna Covid19 vaccines to allow an additional dose to be given to solid organ transplant recipients and others with an equivalent level of immunosuppression.

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