China accuses the US of lying about what happed to the submarine.

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Source: South China Sea

A US submarine hit an aquatic object in October, for reasons that were originally a riddle.
The Navy concluded Monday the USS Connecticut hit an uncharted hill beneath the face.
Chinese state media are casting mistrustfulness on the US account of what happed to a nuclear submarine that collided with an object last month.
US Navy investigators concluded Monday that the nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Connecticut hit an uncharted aquatic hill while patrolling in transnational waters in the South China Sea on October 2.

“The disquisition determined USS Connecticut predicated on an uncharted sierra while operating in transnational waters in the Indo-Pacific region,”Cdr. Haley Sims, a 7th Fleet prophet, told Insider on Monday.
China claims the South China Sea as its own, and objects to other nations sailing military craft there.

The US rejects Chinese claims to the waters, and makes a point of sailing there in so- called freedom of navigation operations, as do other Western nations, frequently rankling Beijing.

The presence of a US Navy submarine in the South China Sea represents an aggression to Beijing, and Chinese state media were quick to seize on the collision and attack the sanctioned US narrative.
On Tuesday, the state- run Global Times review published claims from Chinese military experts who said the collision may have redounded in nuclear leakage that the US is trying to conceal.
“A nuclear leakage could have taken place, and a recent flight of a US nuclear material discovery aircraft to the South China Sea shows the US understands the possibility,”the Global Times wrote.

A Beijing- grounded think tank said last week it had satellite substantiation showing that US asset aeroplanes, including a”nuke sniffer,” lately flew over the South China Sea, according to the South China Morning Post.

Experts told the SCMP that the aircraft were likely establishing whether there was any nuclear fallout from the collision.
Zhang Junshe, a elderly exploration fellow at the Naval Research Academy of China’s People’s Liberation Army, told the Global Times the US defense for the collision” lack sincerity, translucency and professionalism.”
Last week the Global Times launched an online solicitation calling on the US to expose information about the collision.
Indeed though the US did also release some information, it appears not to have satisfied the outlet, which frequently gives voice to aggressivelypro-Beijing points of view.
Other outlets also cast Mistrustfulness on the US interpretation of events.

“Covering up the verity is a tradition of the US service,”the People’s Daily review wrote Monday, pertaining to the collision as an” accident”in reversed commas.
The review preliminarily appertained to the crash as an” illustration of the superpower’s reckless military presence.”
After the Navy first reported the collision on October 7, five days after it happed, Chinese officers indicted the US of a cover-up.

Zhao Lijian, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, said on on October 26 that the US was” reckless”and” cagey.”Zhao added that China had”every reason to question the verity and the intention of the US.”
“What was USS Connecticut up to do secretively in the South China Sea this time? What did it collide with? Why did that collision be?”he said.
” Was there a nuclear leak that creates nuclear impurity in the marine terrain

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