Beijing accuses the US of treating China as an “imaginary enemy” when high-ranking diplomats meet

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Beijing accuses US of treating China as 'imaginary enemy' in meeting between top diplomats

The collapse of relations between the United States and China is due to the fact that some people in the United States treat China as an “imaginary enemy,” Chinese Vice Secretary of State Xie Feng testified during a meeting with the US Secretary of State on Monday a communication from the Chinese Foreign Ministry emerges.

Sherman arrived in the northern city of Tianjin on Sunday to meet with Xie and State Councilor and Secretary of State Wang Yi, as part of what his office described as an ongoing US effort to maintain open exchanges with Chinese officials to ” to promote American interests and values ​​”. And conduct the relationship responsibly. ” The Chinese Ministry’s statement, preceded by Sherman’s meeting with Wang, accuses the United States of trying to reinvigorate a” sense of national intent “by creating an” entire government and whole Society “stage campaign to demonize and oppress China.

Beijing accused USA for treating china as imaginary enemy.

The US appears to be annoying cooperation while it desires some thing from China; decoupling, reducing off supplies, blocking or sanctioning China while it believes it has advantage; and resorting to warfare and war of words in any respect costs,” stated Xie, in step with the announcement. Xie changed into additionally quoted as announcing the United States changed into in “no function to lecture China on democracy and human rights,” pointing to the United States’ anciental remedy of Native Americans, and US army action. The US aspect has but to launch a announcement at the meeting.

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