Amir Khan claims his removal from US plane was racially motivated

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Amir Khan Claims Removal From American Airlines Flight Was Racially Motivated.


British boxer Amir Khan has told Sky News he believes he was escorted off a plane within the us possibly thanks to the color of his skin.

The 34-year-old said he was given a police escort off the plane and “banned” from travelling by American Airlines while trying to fly to a training camp in Colorado from ny on 18 September.

He spoke out on social media about his ordeal and said he was “disgusted” by his treatment, saying there was no reason for him to be removed

He said a colleague was also forced off the flight, with staff complaining his mask “was not high enough”.

American Airlines crew members reported the pair for allegedly failing to stow luggage, not putting their phones on airplane mode, and not complying with federal rules on face masks.

The airline says Khan and his colleague “reportedly refused to suits repeated crewman requests”.

Speaking to Kay Burley on Monday, the sports star said the color of his skin and therefore the flight being every week after the anniversary of 9/11 “might have had something to try to to with” how he was treated.

I just desire i used to be treated really badly, it had been every week after 9/11 and that i do desire things were a touch bit tense but to be picked on, two Asian boys who are sat at the front, being pulled out of ahead a full plane, it’s quite embarrassing really”, he said.

When asked if he was saying he was faraway from the plane due to the color of his skin and therefore the incontrovertible fact that it had been every week after the anniversary of 9/11, the boxer said: “I’m not saying that, but i feel it’d have something to try to to thereupon .

“Maybe the air stewardess and therefore the staff didn’t feel comfortable me being there sat at the front.”

He was asked if he thought his removal was racially motivated, to which he said: “Definitely, and that i stand by that”.

A spokesperson for American Airlines said: “Prior to require off on September 18, American Airlines Flight 700, with service from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) to Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), returned to the the gate to deplane two customers who reportedly refused to suits repeated crewman requests.

“To stow luggage, place cell phones in aeroplane mode and cling to federal face-covering requirements.

“Our customer relations team has reached bent Mr Khan to find out more about his experience.”

Mr Khan said he spoke to the carrier once he arrived in Colorado but claims he was already banned from any American Airlines flight.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan commented on the previous world champion’s experience, saying he’s “pleased” that Amir is speaking out.

“I am pleased what Amir has done is discuss his experiences because not most are a former world champion, not most are an Olympic medallist, not everyone features a platform and by people like Amir talking about it hopefully it makes those authorities in America realise it’s really not on”, he said.

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