Amber Heard’s legal team opposes Johnny Depp’s plea to have the conviction overturned.

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Johnny Depp’s attorneys have requested the court not to entertain Amber Heard’s plea to vacate the judgement in his favor and commence a fresh trial due to a juror’s incorrect identification

After Amber Heard’s attorneys requested a Virginia judge to vacate the judgement in the defamation lawsuit and retry the case owing to a juror’s erroneous identity, Johnny Depp’s lawyers urged the judge not to do the same. The judgement compels Amber to pay Johnny $10.35 million for an op-ed essay she published about domestic violence in The Washington Post in 2018. Johnny must pay Amber $2 million on her counterclaim that one of his attorneys defamed her after calling her claims a fake.

According to the Associated Press, Johnny’s attorneys argue it’s too late for Amber’s side to object to the juror’s identification. A summons was issued to a 77-year-old male, according to court documents. However, the guy who replied in his stead was his 52-year-old son with the same name and location. Johnny’s lawyers refute Amber’s team’s claims that the jury’s judgement was illogical and baseless. They further claim that her team’s concerns regarding the juror’s identification are immaterial.

Johnny’s lawyers also argue that if her team had concerns, they should have spoken up at the time of the trial. AP further reports that judge Penney Azcarate has not yet indicated if she plans to hold a hearing to hear arguments on the motions to set aside the verdict.

Amber’s lawyer, Elaine Charlson Bredhoft, has already stated that the star will be unable to pay Johnny’s $ 8 million settlement. When questioned about it in an interview last month, Elaine said, “Oh no, definitely not.” In addition, the Aquaman star was seen buying at a bargain store.

Meanwhile, Johnny is preparing to release his new record with Jeff Beck. One of his songs appears to make a jab at Amber in the lyrics.


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